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In 2005 we opened the doors to our financial center and since then our team of trusted advisors has served thousands of clients. We now have over 80 independent advisors available and can help you channel every aspect of your financial life into a comprehensive wealth management strategy.

Our approach starts with you and our commitment is to you. A Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) advisor will look at your individual needs and provide clear and informed advice for your future and designed for your best interests.

We can make this commitment through the resources and support of Desjardins Group – the largest financial co-operative in Canada. When you choose to work with us, you can count on Desjardins’ stability, support from a multi-disciplinary team of financial professionals and the freedom to choose from the most competitive products available on the market. With this support, our advisors are open to many product lines and we offer an array of different products from many investment and insurance companies. With this we deliver unique solutions to your specific needs.

Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network provides expert and licensed advisors to show you options for life insurance, health insurance, critical illness insurance, investment management, and financial planning services to individuals, families and small businesses.

Our Expertise | Our Approach

We start by getting to know you, and your goals. Then, we talk about your concerns and the things that matter the most to you. Once your advisor knows what you’re striving for, they can create a comprehensive plan for your future that will bring your goals into focus while minimizing the impact of any curveballs that life may throw you.

Provides a lump sum payment to protect your family’s financial well-being and standard of living in the event of your death

Provides income replacement for when you are unable to work because of illness or injury.

Provides a lump sum payment for a diagnosis of a critical illnesses such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, to protect your family’s financial well-being and standard of living until you recover.

Provides health care coverage that is not covered by your provincial healthcare plan such as dental and prescription medications.

Provides  protection for family & friends  for their travel needs including:  Visitor to Canada Insurance, Super-Visas, Travel Insurance and International Student Insurance.

Provides strategies for investment selection, investor profile and periodic reviews. Including Retirement Planning, risk management, accumulation strategies, and payout strategies.

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