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How To Get The Best Rates On Life Insurance For Cancer Survivors

Contrary to what many believe, it is possible – in some cases – for a cancer patient to get a life insurance policy.  Life insurance for cancer survivors is a tricky thing, and there are a lot of factors that decide if you potentially qualify for a policy.  The most important aspect is that your...
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How to Manage Stress After Your Mississauga Disability Coverage Pays Out

The possibility of becoming disabled and unable to work is something everyone should consider if they are concerned about their long-term financial stability.  Disability insurance can shoulder much of the burden from a disability, paying out between 65%-85% of your previous monthly wages to keep your bills paid, but that’s only the first step in...
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What Are Some Reasons My Critical Illness Claim Might Be Denied?

A critical illness insurance policy is designed to protect your finances in the event you are diagnosed with a life-altering condition such as a heart attack, stroke, or cancer.  These types of conditions can be extremely expensive to treat, and often restrict a patient’s ability to work and earn money as well.  So, the critical...
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Proving You Are Disabled

How to Prove You Are Disabled When Applying for Long Term Disability Benefits

When you buy disability insurance, you are getting a policy that protects you in the event you become disabled and unable to work for an extended amount of time.  Disability insurance acts as an income replacement, generally providing between 65%-85% of your previous monthly income, to help you remain financially stable during a very difficult...
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The Cost of Critical Illness Insurance

What Factors Influence the Cost of a Desjardins Insurance Critical Illness Insurance Policy?

If you’re concerned about your ability to pay for a medical emergency, Desjardins Insurance critical illness insurance might be exactly what you need.  Critical illness insurance provides a lump sum payment, which is paid promptly after the diagnosis of a covered illness.  This allows you to immediately pay medical bills, or help you afford a...
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Five Situations Where Disability Insurance

Who Should Consider Purchasing Disability Insurance in Brampton?

Disability insurance in Brampton may not be for everyone, but everyone should at least consider it.  Disability insurance provides a guaranteed monthly payout for policyholders who are unable to work due to covered accidents or illnesses.  If someone is facing months or years without employment, it can be a true lifesaver for paying for bills, housing,...
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Life Insurance AFter Cancer

Can You Buy Life Insurance After Being Diagnosed with Cancer?

One common misconception people hold is that it’s impossible to get a life insurance policy after receiving a cancer diagnosis.  This is not entirely true! While a cancer diagnosis will make purchasing life insurance more difficult, there are situations where life insurance for cancer survivors is an option. It’s a complicated topic that can’t be...
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Critical Illness Insurance myths

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance helps protect you financially in the case of a serious or debilitating illness.  It’s an important insurance product, one that could benefit almost anyone. It is particularly helpful for those who are wage-earners supporting families. However, it’s not a very well-understood form of insurance, and there are a lot of misconceptions out...
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A fully insured happy family

Do I Need Both Life & Critical Illness Insurance?

No one can predict the future, which is why it’s so important to prepare for the unexpected by investing in life insurance or critical illness insurance. However, you might be wondering what the differences are between the two and whether there are any benefits to investing in both. At Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, we’ve...
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Employee with Benefits from Critical Illness Insurance

Do Employees Benefit from Critical Illness Insurance?

When it comes to your insurance, it’s important to cover all your bases. You never know what might happen, so having the right policy in place is essential. However, some are often curious as to whether they need critical illness insurance in addition to their regular individual insurance policies, so Desjardin Financial Security Independent Network...
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