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Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Insurance policies can be hard to discuss because they require talking about situations that nobody likes talking about.  Who wants to ponder the idea that they could be injured, or become critically ill, in a way that leaves them disabled and unable to work? Yet, the reality is, this will happen to millions of Canadians...
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Understanding Desjardins Critical Illness Insurance

If you were to suffer a life-changing medical condition, such as cancer or a stroke, would you have the resources available to pay for your treatment without compromising your way of life? This isn’t a scenario anyone enjoys contemplating… but it happens to millions of Canadians every year.  49% of men and 45% of women can...
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Why You Should Consider Critical Illness Insurance – Even If You Have Life Insurance

Most Canadians understand the need for medical insurance and life insurance and carry policies to protect their family in the event of a tragedy.  However, fewer consider the benefits of finding the best critical illness insurance for their needs as well.  Critical illness insurance is a safety net in between traditional medical and life insurance...
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Why Every Business Needs Critical Illness Protection!

Unfortunately, you don’t always get to choose when you have a health emergency and sometimes, critical illnesses can arise at the drop of a hat. Without much time for planning, such an illness can seriously affect your business if you haven’t taken the proper steps to safeguard your company. That’s why many businesses choose to...
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What Are Your Options in Critical Illness Insurance?

For many people, critical illness insurance can make a difficult time a bit easier.  Critical illness insurance (CI) is a form of medical insurance specifically intended to cover the huge medical bills which can accompany the diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, strokes, and other major life-threatening illnesses.  Payouts are prompt after the diagnosis is confirmed,...
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What Are the Differences Between Critical Illness Insurance and Disability Insurance?

There are a lot of insurance products on the market, and it can sometimes be difficult to know which ones will best suit your needs.  Two products that often confuse people are critical illness insurance and disability insurance.  While there are some common aspects between these types of coverage, they are fundamentally different products. The...
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How A Cancer Diagnosis Affects Your Chances of Getting Critical Illness Insurance

If you have a history of medical problems in your family, such as strokes, heart attacks, or cancer, there’s a good chance you’ve considered critical illness insurance.  Critical illness insurance provides coverage against the huge medical costs that can accompany the treatment needed for catastrophic illnesses such as these. However, what if you already have...
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Where Will Your Retirement Income Come From?

Everybody dreams of having a retirement where they can travel the world, spend time with their grandchildren or are free to enjoy their favorite hobbies or take up new ones. But of course all this means that they have the financial flexibility to afford to live out those dreams. Although most people plan what they...
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The importance of a critical illness plan

The one word that everyone dreads hearing from their doctor is “cancer”. The affects it has on our health, on our emotions, our family and our finances can be devastating. Unfortunately, people are hearing the diagnoses on an increasing level. Cancer rates are rising and have been for quite some time. There are many commonly...
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Retirement Planning? Keep calm and carry on

The primary source of retirement income for the majority of Canadians who are nearing retirement will be personal savings. This is especially important because evidence is showing that government pensions will not be enough. But things haven’t been easy for investors because of the market turbulence of the last several years. It’s for this reason...
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