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Participating Life Insurance Policy in Ontario

Participating Life Insurance from DFSIN in Ontario

When it comes to safeguarding your estate and securing your assets, there’s no better option than investing in a participating life insurance plan. DFSIN Toronto West, the Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, offers an array of comprehensive participating life insurance plans tailored to meet your needs right here in Ontario. If you’re new to the world of life insurance or simply seeking a deeper understanding of our premium offerings, allow us to guide you through the process.

Long-Term Growth to Maximize Value

Many individuals opt for a participating life insurance plan from DFSIN Toronto West due to the exceptional long-term financial growth opportunities it provides. Here are some of the key advantages of our participating life insurance plans:

  • Adaptable Coverage Options:Adjust your coverage to align with your evolving needs and financial goals.
  • Accumulation of Tax-Preferred Cash ValuesAccess funds when you need them, thanks to the tax-preferred cash values that accumulate within your policy.
  • Inflation-Resistant Death Benefit: Keep pace with inflation by increasing your death benefit as needed.
  • Maximizing Your Estate's Value:Ensure your estate retains its value over time, protecting your loved ones' financial future.


Ready to explore your options? Contact DFSIN Toronto West for a personalized consultation on how participating life insurance in Ontario can benefit you.

How are Dividends Determined in Ontario?

Dividends within DFSIN’s participating life insurance plans are determined by an intricate blend of factors, including mortality rates, interest rates, investment returns, operational expenses, and taxes borne by the insurer.

Additional factors come into play, such as policy loans, coverage terminations, and more. The nature of dividends—guaranteed or non-guaranteed—varies by policy, underscoring the importance of reviewing plan details before making your purchase.

How Does it Work?

Investing in participating life insurance from DFSIN Toronto West introduces you to the world of annual dividends, where your death benefit, certain cash surrender values, and premiums are guaranteed. Premiums contributed by policyholders are pooled together into a collective “participating” account.

Currently, there exist both “closed” accounts, composed of policies in force or acquired by DFSIN prior to 2017, and an “open” account, consisting of participating accounts acquired after 2017. It’s important to note that the open account operates separately, with a distinct rate of return and dividend scale compared to the closed account.

DFSIN Toronto West’s Personalized Coverage Options

DFSIN’s participating life insurance policies offer a range of personalized coverage options to suit your unique requirements. Each option empowers you to determine premium payment methods, leverage dividends to acquire additional coverage or reduce annual premiums, and even choose to suspend premium payments while maintaining coverage. Moreover, if you experience disability while covered, premium payments may not be necessary.

You’ll also be privy to additional coverages and not required to pay premiums should you become disabled while you’re covered. We offer the following participating life insurance plans in Ontario:

Accelerated Growth 20 Pay:

Ideal for those seeking to boost retirement income or achieve specific financial goals within 10-15 years, thanks to its attractive medium-term dividends. You can choose how to utilize your dividend earnings—whether to enhance coverage, lower annual premiums, or receive cash payments.

Accelerated Growth to 100:

Similar to the above plan, this option is perfect for clients with 10-15-year financial goals. Premiums are payable for life, offering five distinct dividend options, including accelerated growth for improved cash surrender values.

Estate Enhancer 20 Pay:

Tailored to maximize long-term death benefits and cash surrender values within 20 years, making it an excellent choice for estate optimization. Premiums are fully paid by the 20th year, with maximized dividends based on sustained growth. You’ll also receive complimentary coverage for 20 years (excluding child life insurance).

Estate Enhancer to 100:

Ideal for estate protection or maximizing cash surrender values within 20 years, with premiums payable for life. This option provides guaranteed cash surrender values, lifetime dividends, and potential long-term, tax-free growth for enhanced returns upon death.

Why Choose DFSIN Toronto West?

One of the reasons why so many trust DFSIN Toronto West with participating life insurance coverage and asset management solutions is because we offer a proven record of success

DFSIN offers increased accountability, and each year, our board of directors reviews the actuarial report to ensure that the protected dividends meet all of our company’s strenuous policies, guaranteeing fairness for all participating life insurance clients. Protecting your interests is our top priority!

How to Buy a Policy

Are you interested in learning more about your participating life insurance options or purchasing a policy in Ontario from DFSIN Toronto West? If so, contact one of the insurance advisors today! They’ll be able to take a look at your assets and assess which plan will be best suited to your needs.

We serve in these locations in Ontario:

  • Brampton
  • Mississauga
  • Etobicoke
  • Vaughn
  • Oakville
  • Burlington

Contact our team of life and health insurance advisors online today to receive a FREE quote, or call (416) 695-1433 to learn more about how DFSIN Toronto West can help you protect your financial assets.


What is participating life insurance?

Participating life insurance is a combination of two types of things: a whole life insurance plan with an opportunity for growth. In essence, it’s a life insurance policy that also enables you to invest in a divided-paying fund, while being covered under your life insurance policy as long as you pay the premiums. Many see it as a great way to leave their families a sizeable estate when they’re gone or try to add some growth to what they leave behind.

The participating life insurance plan enables you to receive dividend payments, which you can then use to reduce your annual premium, buy more insurance coverage, or take them as cash payments and do whatever you want with them. For many, that’s why participating life insurance plans are such an attractive option.

To learn more about participating life insurance in Ontario, contact Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN Toronto West) by calling (416) 695-1433 or visiting them online today!

Is participating life insurance different than whole life insurance?

In terms of the life insurance coverage you receive from a participating life insurance plan, you’ll still be receiving a whole life insurance policy that will be kept up as long as you’re paying the premiums. The main difference between traditional whole life insurance and participating life insurance is that with participating life insurance, there’s another component that enables you to accrue returns on the money placed into your account.

In this sense, it’s somewhat like a managed fund, as the more you invest, the more your estate can potentially grow. Additionally, with a participating life insurance plan, you can receive dividend payouts that you can use for a variety of things, like buying additional insurance or reducing your monthly premiums. This option doesn’t exist in a traditional life insurance plan policy.

To learn more about the differences between traditional and participating life insurance policies, contact the team from Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN Toronto West) online today or call (416) 695-1433 for a free quote!

Is a participating whole life insurance policy for me?

Whether or not you choose a participating whole life insurance policy depends on your specific needs. What do you want to get out of a life insurance policy? Traditional whole life insurance plans will offer you coverage for as long as you need, but there are some unique benefits to participating life insurance plans that some might find attractive.

Firstly, with a participating life insurance policy, you’ll have the option to accrue growth on your life insurance policy through paid dividends, which you can then either reinvest to purchase more life insurance or other options, such as a cash payout; it’s up to you.

For many, this is attractive because it’s almost like investing in a fund. However, participating life insurance policies can often cost more than traditional life insurance, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before purchasing any life insurance plan.

One of the best ways to choose the right plan is by speaking with one of the representatives from Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN). Contact them online today for a FREE QUOTE or call (416) 695-1433.

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